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DoorDash Part-time Driver Job

If you are on the lookout to supplement your income and are exploring ways and means to achieve this, then becoming a DoorDash on-demand food delivery driver is the best option for you.

It is easy to get hired, there is no binding of formal educational degree nor any rigid timings. You can easily make an earning of $10-15 per hour which turns out to be quite a substantial amount if you devote time regularly.

This Is How DoorDash Works

DoorDash through its web-based App works as a mediator between customers, restaurants and drivers. A customer orders food through the DoorDash app and then the order request is forwarded to the driver along with the details of the restaurant including the map. Once you collect the order from there, the app directs you to deliver it to the customer.

Know How To Become A DoorDash Delivery Driver

To qualify for this job, you need to fulfill the below-mentioned requirements:

  • You should be 18 years old or more,
  • You should possess a vehicle: car, truck, van or even at some places can deliver on scooter or cycles also,
  • You should have a valid driving license,
  • You should have an insurance policy for your vehicle.
  • Education: None required (No qualifications required)
  • Experience: None required (No experience required)
  • Be able to lift between 30-40 lbs with or without an accommodation
  • Safe driving, Should be able to drive

Once you apply with your details, DoorDash will perform background and driving record check on you, using your social security number. If you pass these, you will be registered with them as a driver-partner.

Why Do You Need DoorDash Orientation?

DoorDash has a simple and short orientation program that can be taken up in person or online. It basically helps you to get to know the DoorDash App in a better way and also familiarizes you with the job. It will teach you:

  • How to schedule delivery shifts;
  • How to use the App to fulfill delivery requests;
  • How to take payments;
  • How to seek support.

Once the orientation is completed, you become a DoorDash ‘Dasher’ officially, you will be armed with the kit and other items, essential to make deliveries.

How This Partnership Shall Benefit You?

  • You can manage your time well by scheduling a delivery shift according to your priorities.
  • Enjoy flexible hours of delivery as your schedule will begin only when you sign into the DoorDash App.
  • Vehicle requirements are minimal, therefore, no need to spend a lot on its upkeep. Anything that is capable of running on the road will do.
  • Your free time will convert into quite a good amount of money, the more deliveries you make, the more you earn.
  • DoorDash has a fixed minimum amount that you shall get for each delivery.
  • It pays you extra if you deliver during the peak period and above all, 100% of the tips come to you.
  • DoorDash also has features like ‘busy pay’ bonus offers to incentivize its driver-partners.

DoorDash has a wide reach in the US and therefore, partnering with them is a lucrative option, which will surely help you make good earnings.

Flexible hours gives you the advantage to prioritize your other works.

While on your job, try and follow proper etiquette and manners with customers, be pleasant and polite, as these will help you secure good ratings and also good tips.

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